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372,000 jobs evaporated from restaurants in America due to pandemic impact

Saudi News Saudi Arabia News Today: 372 thousand jobs evaporated from American restaurants due to the impact of the pandemic. Source of news – Saudi-Arab News, with details of the news, 372 thousand jobs evaporated from American restaurants due to the impact of the pandemic:

Saudi Arabia News Today – The hospitality and hotel sector in the United States received a severe blow due to the Corona epidemic, and its losses worsened during the past month with the expansion of the virus, as the sector lost thousands of new jobs after its losses worsened from the previous one.

A report by Market Watch, seen by Al Arabiya Net, said that eating and drinking establishments in the United States lost 372,000 jobs during the past month alone, marking their first decline since April 2020 when 5.4 million people were laid off.

The record increase in coronavirus cases has prompted more states such as California and New York to limit restaurant hours, restrict the number of customers, or even ban eating completely indoors.

Anita Marcuska, chief economist at Jefferies LLC, said most restaurant haircuts have likely occurred in California after a widespread shutdown that began after Thanksgiving.

She pointed out that restaurant reservations fell to only 5% compared to levels before last month when reservations were only 45% of capacity, which cost the United States up to 700,000 jobs.

The latest round of layoffs in the food industry was entirely responsible for a 140,000 drop in total employment in the US last December.

Restaurants and other companies in the broader category of entertainment and hospitality – such as hotels, theaters, casinos and parks – recorded the greatest suffering during the epidemic.

The restaurant sector is considered one of the largest in the United States, as 12.3 million workers worked in this sector before the start of the Corona virus in March of last year, and this does not include even several million workers in the field of catering in hotels, hospitals and the like.

So far, restaurants have regained 3.6 million jobs, or only 60%, of the 6.01 million jobs the sector lost early with the start of the epidemic.

Currently, the report says, “employment remains 20% below pre-crisis levels.”

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