Saturday, September 25, 2021

Wahid Hamed: The prominent Egyptian screenwriter dies at the age of 76

And in the famous Egyptian screenwriter, Waheed Hamed, who wrote the scenarios for a number of the most prominent Egyptian cinema films during the last four decades, Saturday, at the age of 76, his son, film director Marwan Hamed, announced on his Facebook page.

Wahid Hamed was transferred a few days ago to a Cairo hospital following a health crisis, according to Egyptian media.

The scriptwriter performed a funeral on Saturday after the noon prayer at the Police Station in the Sheikh Zayed area on the outskirts of Cairo, according to his son.

Wahid Hamed wrote screenplays for several films and series that are among the milestones in Egyptian cinema and drama during the last forty years, including “El Baree2”, “Teyor El Zalam”, “Elle3b ma3 El Kobar” and “AL Gama3a”.

Wahid Hamed was born in 1944, in one of the villages of the Minya al-Qamh district in the Sharkia Governorate in the Delta of Egypt, and he came to Cairo in 1963 to study literature in the sociology department.

He began his career by writing a short story collection entitled “The Moon Kills His Lover”. He was a student at the hands of a number of great Egyptian writers, including Naguib Mahfouz, Abd al-Rahman al-Sharqawi and Youssef Idris, and the latter advised him to write for cinema and television, which was what Hamid did and succeeded in.

Waheed Hamed won the Nile Prize in Arts in 2012, and was honored by many festivals, including the Dubai Film Festival in 2017, and the Cairo International Film Festival in 2020.

Hamed wrote political and social articles in many Egyptian newspapers, and had a wide audience of readers. He also supervised the screenwriting workshop at the Higher Film Institute for four years, during which he studied with him a number of the best current screenwriters.

He married the media, Zainab Sweidan, and fathered Marwan, who is a filmmaker.

Wahid Hamed has become one of the most prominent columns of Egyptian cinema in recent decades, and is known for providing social works with a political dimension that discuss issues of Egyptian society, and collaborated with stars such as Suad Hosni, Mervat Amin and Madiha Kamel.

The late screenwriter formed a cinematic duo with the star Adel Imam, through which he was able to highlight the other face of the actor, famous for his comedic roles.

Hamed’s cooperation with Adel Imam began with the series “Flying Boy’s Dreams” in 1978, and continued to include ten films, most notably: “Halafut”, “Playing with Adults”, “Terrorism and Kebabs”, “Sleeping in Honey”, and the last of which was the movie “Yacoubian Building” which It was released in 2006 and directed by Marawan, son of Waheed Hamed.

The last public appearance of Wahid Hamed was last month during his honor at the forty-second Cairo International Film Festival, where he was awarded the Golden Pyramid Award for Lifetime Achievement.

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