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Learn about the most prominent makers of Egyptian sports achievements in 2020

Egyptian sports have many achievements in different games, apart from football, which captures the interest and admiration of the majority.

Handball team

For the Egyptian handball team, it managed to book a qualifying ticket for the Tokyo Olympics after winning the African Nations Cup after defeating the Tunisian team at its home.

The Nations Cup was held in Tunisia from 16 to 26 January.

The judo team

The Egyptian judo team won the 41st edition of the African Judo Championship, which qualified for the Tokyo Olympic Games, which was hosted by Madagascar.

The Egyptian national team led the championship with nine medals, with five gold, two silver and two bronze medals.

The tournament ended with another coronation of the Egyptian mission, with Ramadan Darwish winning the 100 kg gold medal, adding the fifth gold medal to Egypt in a historic achievement.

Egyptian junior basketball girls

The Egyptian national team won the basketball for juniors under 18 years of age in the African Nations Championship, which was held in Egypt.

The Egyptian junior basketball team qualified for the World Championship in a distinguished achievement, especially since the title was absent from the arms of the Pharaohs 10 years ago.

Mayar Sharif

Mayar Sharif is one of the most prominent singles titles in tennis, which topped the scene in 2020 and caught the limelight, as it did not stop at this achievement, but won the Charleston tennis title.

Mayar Sharif became the first Egyptian to reach the main role of a Grand Slam tournament, Roland Garros. It is the first international tournament achieved by the Egyptian champion, who also qualified for the Las Palmas final and lost the final.

Big Ramy

Egyptian champion Mamdouh Al-Sebaei, famous for his “Big Rami”, caught the limelight in the game of bodybuilding and became the first Egyptian to win the title of Mr. Olympia for professionals, which is the most expensive tournament for professional bodybuilding players.

Big Rami challenged the difficulties and difficult circumstances that faced him recently, specifically his infection with Corona, and this virus almost prevented him from competing in the championship, but he recovered days before and succeeded in crowning the title.

The golden fish Farida Othman

Egyptian swimmer Farida Othman “The Golden Fish” continues in the glittering series, and she won the 50-meter freestyle gold medal in the US Open.

It also set a record (25.10 seconds) for the widest entry into history.

The Champion Abdul Rahman Orabi

The wrestler Abdul Rahman Orabi, who booked a ticket to qualify for the Olympics, also starred, as Orabi succeeded in achieving many achievements during his career with the game, most notably his winning of the Golden Glove and the Cup for the best player in Serbia in the European Championship.

In addition to the gold medal in Spain, the gold in the African Games, and the silver of the Military Olympic Games, which is the first military Olympic medal.

Fares El Desouki

The name Faris El Desouki became famous in the game of squash after he ousted Ali Faraj, ranked number one in the world.

Fares Desouky, ranked No. 13 in the world, achieved a surprise by beating his competitor Ali Farag, number one in the world,

with a score (3-2).

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