Saturday, January 29, 2022

With the start of a new year, we have many hopes for the gaming industry, which we discuss together

We have come a long way and passed through many difficult and critical times during the year 2020 until we reach the year 2021, which we hope will be a better year before it in all levels and areas.

As a person working on covering new games and titles, I see that the year 2020 was very disappointing because the Corona virus prevented many things, and we add to this the poor quality of the titles that were originally released that did not contain any title that managed to dig his experience in memory, all of them were ordinary titles Even if it offered a good gaming experience.

More new generation titles

During the past year everyone has been preoccupied with the war between Sony and Microsoft because of the new generation platforms, everyone talks about the matter and defends here and attacks there as if the player is participating in the companies’ shares.

In any case, the devices were released after that and it surprised everyone that regardless of the quality of the devices or their technical problems, there are no new addresses for these platforms.

Here the platforms have become completely illogical because their price is very large, at least in our Arab region, and even if you buy the device, you will not find the games you play on it, and if you find them, most of them will be old games already.

More diverse games

The year 2020 was a very poor year in terms of the variety of titles, especially compared to 2019, which contained a lot of titles in various categories of games.

We also hope that more distinctive titles will be released on the smart phone platform, especially since this platform has provided an amazing performance recently and provided very successful titles that spread and helped the industry to continue and push it forward in light of the bad headlines on the rest of the platforms.

Last year was the year of the AAA games not at all clunky as we saw many very big titles that came out badly as they were released without being complete or it was a big lie and did not provide the gaming experience required of them.

During the year 2021, we expect the release of a group of AAA games, which come in a more neat or at least without technical problems, which have become a completely normal matter that we must live with, as all games are issued with a very large number of technical problems in the hope of solving them with the passage of time.

If you think that I am referring to Cyberpunk 2077 in the previous words, unfortunately the year 2020 contains a lot of technical disasters such as Warcraft III Reforged and Marvel Avengers and the list is very long and we can talk about technically destroyed titles until tomorrow and we will not finish.

We also hope that AAA games will be released at a high level of quality, especially after the many disappointments that afflicted us during the year 2020, which contained so many great titles that did not live up to our expectations as players.

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