Tuesday, September 28, 2021

“Zain” develops its “Generation Z” program into the “CODE 7” initiative to attract graduate skills in data science and software engineering

Zain Group, the leader in digital innovation, announced that its successful “Generation Z” program for developing graduate skills and training, which has spanned over the past five years, will take new paths by attracting young skills in data science and software engineering.

The group clarified that the new journey of the program will be launched under the slogan “CODE 7 ″. It targets Kuwaiti graduates specializing in the study of areas related to computer science, data and software engineering, indicating that the development of the initiative – which came with the support and guidance of the Vice Chairman and CEO of the Group Badr Nasser Al-Kharafi – Its inaugural edition will start over a year with five talented young graduates.

Zain, the leading provider of telecommunications technology services in the Middle East and Africa markets, stated that this new initiative is looking for future change-makers, innovators, programmers, and engineers in computer science, as Kuwaiti graduates who have specialized in the fields of computer science and software will be able to participate in the program. It has a duration of one year, where they will engage in challenges related to artificial intelligence, innovative sustainable projects, data science, work behaviors (life skills, flexibility), management and practical applications, and other areas related to innovation skills at work.

Badr Nasser Al-Kharafi, Vice Chairman and CEO of Zain Group, said, “The world continues to change at an accelerated pace, and the academic disciplines related to data science and software engineering have become closely related in making institutions ready and ready for the future.”

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