Saturday, January 29, 2022

Marasi P&O launches a plan to transform Rashid port marina into a regional marine center

Through its strategic partnership with “Bindar Yachting Management”, which specializes in launching marine sports facilities of international standards.

Marassi “P&O” signed a strategic cooperation agreement with “Bandar Yachting Management”, to develop a number of projects, including the establishment of a water sports academy, launching a marine recreational club, providing a show space, in addition to providing a range of services and a number of marine recreational facilities associated with Out.

Under the agreement, “Bindar Yacht Management”, through its experience as a world-renowned international company and a prominent brand in the field of sailing, will provide support to transform the facilities of Marassi P&O into a marine sports entertainment center of international standards, to become on the wider scale a center for the yachting industry and economy.

After the success achieved by Port Rashid Marina during the past few seasons in attracting a number of the largest luxury yachts in the world, P&O Marinas has expanded its activities to include managing and operating four additional yachting marinas in Dubai, creating various destinations for lovers of the yachting lifestyle and marine sports.

The P&O Marassi team is currently reviewing the agenda of marine events for this year in order to prepare for the reception of marine races, as soon as it is able to resume organizing these races, through its multiple marinas and facilities.

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