Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Nail Polish Trends in 2021

To put it as nicely as possible, we certainly do not mourn the end of 2020. As we prepare ourselves for whatever good may come in 2021, we are very much looking forward to a refreshing year in many ways. However, one of the things we love most about 2020 and are excited to keep it in the new year is the at-home nail polish trend. We’re sure most of us will have several manicures ready in the New Year, but what we need is a definition of trends.

2020 is all about refreshed French nails, decorative beads for nail polishes like pearls and crystals, ombre shades and more.

So what are the best New Year’s nail polish trends?

The art of simple drawing

Although crystal nails, beads and pearls are amazing and adorable on our nails, it is not a simple look of nails, and 3D manicure is hard to remove.

Chic Press-Ons

In 2021, try to replace the thicker acrylic for a more natural-looking artificial nails. Not only do these nails give you a professional look in about two minutes, but they will also lengthen your fingers naturally.

Nails are different from others

Choosing only two or three nails with different colors and patterns than the rest of the nails will be the updated ombre 2021 trend after the fully graded ombre on all nails in 2020. Feel free to do your best and try creative designs on any fingers of your choice, or you can go to the minimum During choosing a different degree of manicure.

Short, square nails

Of course, the shape of your nails is very personal, and most people feel very particular about how long or short their nails are. However, there has been a noticeable trend towards casket-shaped nails last year or coffin, a shape that fades with time. Instead, we will likely see fewer tall shapes in 2021 and a natural tendency towards shorter square patterns.

Velvet nails

We’ll still see somewhat metallic nails, but there’s a new method called “velvet nails”, and it’s amazing. I think we’ll see that a lot in the new year. There are a few different methods you can try to get this look at home. Some nail artists use flocking powder – a powder that you dip your nails into to create a metallic velvety effect, while others use magnetic nail polishers also known as “cat’s eye”.

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