Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Alakeela street, a new way of presenting different food tastes

Streets are named after good restaurants, and every food street has something different and special, and the distinctive street this time is Alakeela Street.

After the success of Murad Makram in the “Alakeel” program, he decided to take it to the business world by opening a street that includes a number of restaurants that offer different foods. The journalist and artist, Murad Makram, held the opening ceremony of Alakeel Street in October.

In the presence of the artist Donia Abdel Aziz, the artist Ahmed El-Shamy, Dr. Hany Abu El-Naga, the media Ahmed Salem, the culinary expert, Chef El-Sherbiny and Alaa El-Sherbiny’s daughter, and the party was organized by Sabah Jamil. Everyone in the audience enjoyed the music on Al-Akeel Street.

In order to open Al-Akeela Street, the artist Donia Abdel Aziz, the artist Ahmed El-Shamy, Dr. Hani Abu Al-Naja, the journalist Ahmed Salem, the expert chef El-Sherbiny, Alaa Al-Sherbini’s daughter, the businessman Omar Balbaa, the businessman Hossam Saad, the owner of the brand Almhaltta and the businessman Mohamed Al-Tajouri organized the ceremony.

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