Monday, July 26, 2021

The giraffe, Sonsun, and her groom news are trending in Egypt

Social media in Egypt has been busy with the news that 3 new giraffes have been brought to the Zoo in Giza to join the “Sensun”, the only giraffe in the park.

The deal to bring in the three giraffes was concluded in agreement with the Johannesburg Park Zoo in South Africa, in accordance with the internationally approved trade exchange system, to join the only giraffe in the Giza Zoo, in exchange for other wild animals, the Giza Zoo suffers from an increase in their numbers.

The new giraffes arrived at Cairo Airport on a special cargo plane from South Africa.

Sonsun has been living alone for 3 years, and she was suffering from grief and depression due to the death of her newborn, Aziz, in late 2016, according to the Giza Zoo administration.

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