Tuesday, September 28, 2021

In 2020, Messi leaving Barcelona stayed as much cry and little wool

The departure of Barghout from Barcelona at the beginning of 2020 seemed closer to reality, but this exceptional year has kept the Argentine star Lionel Messi as one of the most prominent stars of the “one team”, but it is an open result in all possibilities.

After long years in which it was believed that the Argentine international football star Lionel Messi would end his football career with Barcelona FC to be one of the most prominent stars of the “one team”, he confirmed in 2020 that Messi might start his way to a competitor on the ruins of these expectations.

The past few months revealed the cover of a real crisis between Macy and his club, which was not a coincidence, but rather the product of the unhealthy relationship between Messi and Josep Maria Bartomeu, who resigned from the club’s presidency amid the pressure accumulated on him as a result of Messi’s crisis.

A few months ago, Messi grabbed the headlines for media reports. This time it was not thanks to his strong performances on the stadium or his imaginative and prolific goals, but rather because of his crisis with Barcelona, which made him the most prominent target for a number of major European clubs in the last summer transfer period (the summer transfer window).

The media was the one who triggered the crisis early when a media report said last February that the Barcelona administration headed by Bartomeu had agreed with the company “i3 Ventures” to manage electronic accounts on social networks to improve the image of the board of directors headed by Bartomeu on the one hand, and to reveal the extent of its involvement in Damaging the reputation of a number of stars and legends of the club, such as Messi and fellow defender Gerard Pique, former star Xavi Hernandez, coach Josep Guardiola, the former coach of the team, and some potential candidates for the club’s presidency in the elections scheduled for 2021.

After months of controversy over this crisis, Barcelona announced last July that the results of investigations conducted by the “PricewaterhouseCoopers” accounting firm, in this regard, acquitted the management of allegations of organizing a smear campaign against important club figures.

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