Saturday, January 29, 2022

An Iraqi resident raises lions in his home

Ghali has been raising the black carabiner in his home and small garden in Basra for 10 years, in a phenomenon that astonished the residents of the city in southeast Iraq.

The reviewer believes that these lions become, over time, part of the family, just like any other pet or bird raised at home, such as sheep and chickens, according to (Sky News).

The man who loves raising and taming lions said: “Our garden has 8 ready-made adult lions, their ages are over 10 years old, 4 females and 4 males.”

He explained that animals reproduce every year, so “we have cubs. Each lioness gives birth once a year from two to three cubs.”

The lion’s value is estimated at between 6 and 10 thousand dollars, and the brokerage has sold 62 lions who have raised them over the past ten years.

He said, “The breeding has produced nearly 62 cubs over the last ten years, and I sold them in Baghdad and Hilla, and here inside Basra.”

He chose to raise African lions, because he thinks they adapt more easily to the environment around them.

He continued, “I start taming her from her birth and communicate with her until she grows up. Any mistake her most violent. They are predators and sometimes they attack me when they are hungry or during marriage, but they respect me.”

The boiler keeps lion cubs in his home until they are 3 years old, and then takes them to his garden, which receives visitors, each paying the equivalent of two dollars to see the predators.

“After the birth of the cubs, about 45 days after the birth of the cubs, we bring them to the house and continue their taming here until they come into contact with the inhabitants of the house and become a part of them, and they become 100 percent friendly, as if you were raising a sheep or a chicken, life is normal.”

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