Tuesday, January 18, 2022

A flight crew forbids an american family from traveling because of refusing to wear a face mask

A small American family consisting of a young man, a girl and their young girl were expelled from a US plane at Denver airport, after their two-year-old daughter refused to wear a muzzle, as a precaution against Corona virus infection.

After the family boarded the plane to prepare for the trip, the parents tried to put a medical mask on their child’s face, but they did not succeed, as the girl resisted strongly, and did not wear the mask.

According to the British Daily Mail newspaper, the young mother Elizabeth says that she and her husband were expelled from a United Airlines flight because their two-year-old daughter refused to wear a mask, and the mother appeared crying during a video clip she posted on Instagram showing herself at the airport with her husband and daughter Idlin, after They got off the plane.

A flight attendant approached the parents and told them to leave the plane. The husband tried to explain the situation to the female employee, but she did not change her mind. She said, “Hello sir. I will ask you to take your belongings and get off the plane. why? Here we carry this mask on her face. “

M. An official in the cabin crew said: “I am sorry, sir. I gave you a chance. I must ask you to get off this plane.” The couple tried to explain that they could not force their daughter to wear it because she was “crying”, and then the family was seen collecting their belongings and getting off the plane.

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