Kenzi Amr Diab makes a fuss with a bold look

Kenzi, the daughter of the artist Amr Diab, raised the controversy again on social networking sites, by posting a bold photo in which she appeared in revealing clothes with her friend on the “Instagram” site.

Kinsey’s picture came after she posted a video earlier, in which she appeared dancing with her friend spontaneously, without making any provocative or wrong moves, but it aroused the attention of followers because she is the daughter of the “plateau”, which exposed her to some annoying comments, knowing that Kenzi practices a hobby She dances constantly and is a professional dancer.

On the other hand, Jana and Kenzi returned to follow their father’s wife, the actress, Dina El-Sherbiny, despite the rejection of their mother, Zeina Ashour and their brother Abdullah, and their insistence on not accepting her association with the Egyptian star. Dina and Zeina’s behavior is more likely to the news that spread about the latter being an obstacle to Amr Diab’s marriage with another woman, because of the rights guaranteed by English law to her as a wife, given that she and the “plateau” bear this nationality.

In the recent period, the duo topped the list of the most traded on “Twitter”, after a major dispute erupted between them, but sources close to them denied this.

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