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A TikTok Chef Cooking A Fancy Meal While Isolated In A Hotel Room

Jago Randles, a chef from Cornwall, England, has been going viral on the app for the food he’s made using only the tools in his hotel room. He was recently quarantined in a hotel room in Vancouver, according to The Washington Post, and began posting videos of himself making everything from eggs Benedict to crème brûlée using things like his coffee maker and iron. He’s called it “Isolation Kitchen.”

One such video even caught the attention of Gordon, who posted one of his now-iconic Ramsay Reacts-style videos about it. In the TikTok in question, Randles makes chicken, asparagus, and an egg using the tools mentioned above. The video shows him laying the breaded chicken directly on the iron, popping the asparagus into the top of the coffee machine, and frying the egg in the bottom of the coffee maker with the help of parchment paper and what appears to be part of a mason jar lid.

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