Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Wahid Hamid is my teacher and Muhammad Sobhi blessed me with the most important sentence … the most prominent statements of Mona Zaki in “Cairo Film Festival”

Actress Mona Zaki made a number of statements about her life and her acting relationship with the great artist Mohamed Sobhi and screenwriter Waheed Hamed during her recognition held at the Cairo Festival yesterday as part of the forty-second session.

Al-Watan shed the light at the 3 most prominent humanitarian statements that Mona Zaki made about them: “Muhammad Sobhi gave me the most important sentence in my life when he found me dreading to meet him in theatrical rehearsals in eloquent Arabic and told me, “(you are going to be a great actress.”

Art taught me how to deal with life and I drew the greatest lessons from it. – Waheed Hamid is my teacher, and I always look forward to meet him and sit with him, not just work with him.

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