Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Study: Modern Technology is one of the Causes of Climate Change

A recent study by the Scientific Society in Britain found that watching any TV program show in normal definition could save a little bit of carbon dioxide emissions.

While the scientists in charge of the study said that displaying a high-quality video clip on a phone screen causes eight times the amount of gases released when using the normal image.

The authors of the study called on display platforms and lawmakers to place restrictions on the resolution of the displayed image and to make “normal resolution” available in the first place.

According to the BBC report, digital technology causes 1.4-5.9 percent of gases emitted into the atmosphere.

The report also mentioned that there are other means to save gas emissions, such as disrupting the transmission of the image if the user only wants to listen.

The team that prepared the study says that “simple steps like these will save 5 percent of the gases emitted due to broadcasting, which is the amount that can be saved by using green energy to run YouTube servers.”

Use phones for a longer period

The study also urges the use of phones for a longer period before replacing them, because the emissions of gases resulting from the manufacture of new phones are large, but some have questioned the numbers mentioned in the study.

The study states that if we replace phones every two years, manufacturing causes half of the gases that are caused by using the phone during its use.

And if users keep their phones for four years, that means half the emissions, and so on.
For the same reason, the study authors say that buying used phones or sharing the use of devices also reduces the amount of gas emissions.

Moving home or office computer system operations to “electronic clouds” can help, because those clouds allow the use of more efficient forms of computing servers, so energy is not used when the servers are idle.

Technology companies should contribute to this by providing transparent information on energy consumption and their digital products and services, as the report recommends.

Professor Andy Huber, lead author of the study, said, “There is more than one way to get to the zero-sum carbon emissions, and technology companies have an important role to play. We must be aware that the demand for digital services does not emit more gases than we provide in this transition process.”

One of the participants in the study, Professor Corinne Le Kerr of the University of East Anglia, told BBC News: “The truth is that digital technology constitutes a fraction of the emissions compared to what is caused by aviation, even once a year, for example, but any amount of carbon dioxide emissions. We make it important. “

“In addition, we are trying to encourage people to use the power of digital to help fight climate change. The way we heat our homes, for example, is not understood. We are heating the entire house to use part of it. We can solve this problem using digital technology. We have to make sure that we heat the whole house to use part of it. The digital revolution supports the climate revolution, and so far we have failed. “

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