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Former US Presidents Accept vaccine testing

US President-elect Joe Biden and former presidents Barack Obama, George Bush Jr, and Bill Clinton announced that they are openly prepared to receive the “Covid-19” vaccine, to encourage their fellow citizens to do the same.

Obama, age 59, said that he “fully trusts” the country’s health authorities, including Anthony Fauci, an immunologist; He is a well-respected scientific figure in the United States.

“If Anthony Fauci told me that this vaccine is safe and can protect against “Covid”, he stated, in an interview with” Sirius XM “radio, excerpts of which were posted on” YouTube “,” I will not hesitate to receive it.”

And he added, “I promise that when (the vaccine) becomes available to the least vulnerable people, I will receive it. I can do it on TV or make sure it is filmed, so people can see that I trust science.”

An article in the “Washington Post” newspaper called on President-elect Joe Biden (78 years) and Vice President Kamala Harris (56 years) to receive the vaccine live on television, in order to convince the skeptics who are many in the United States.

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