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Borsch soup is a new front in the confrontation between Ukraine and Russia

Ukrainian celebrity chef Yevgen Klobotenko has clashed with Russia over Borsch soup, while also declaring that this popular dish of beetroot and cabbage is part of Kiev’s cultural heritage.

“I do not like the term Borsch War, but this is really the case,” said the 33-year-old young man, a graduate of the French cooking school “Le Cordon Bleu,” told AFP.

Dish in the Heritage List

The chef, who is popular on social media, took the soup inside a saucepan to a meeting at the Ministry of Culture in October to persuade it to propose the inclusion of this dish on UNESCO’s Intangible World Heritage List, which includes French gastronomy and pizza as made in Naples.

The ministry did not resist this offer, announcing the preparation of a file for UNESCO, which will close the door for nominations in March 2021. This initiative represented a blow to Russia, whose relations with Kiev had deteriorated to the lowest levels in seven years.

“Borsch is a national dish in several countries, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Moldova and Lithuania,” the Russian ambassador to the United States wrote in a tweet. A short while later, the Russian government described Borsch as one of the most popular and delicious Russian dishes, on its official Twitter account.

According to the Ukrainian version, eaters bearing this name were mentioned for the first time in 1548, in the notes of a European traveler who bought a share of them in a market in Kiev, and this soup arrived in Russia at a later period with the arrival of the Ukrainians.

Ukraine, which was part of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, and whose large Russian population is proficient in Russia, remained largely within the political and cultural sphere of its powerful neighbor, even after the collapse of the Union in 1991.

Nail Polish Trends in 2021

To put it as nicely as possible, we certainly do not mourn the end of 2020. As we prepare ourselves for whatever good may come in 2021, we are very much looking forward to a refreshing year in many ways. However, one of the things we love most about 2020 and are excited to keep it in the new year is the at-home nail polish trend. We’re sure most of us will have several manicures ready in the New Year, but what we need is a definition of trends.

2020 is all about refreshed French nails, decorative beads for nail polishes like pearls and crystals, ombre shades and more.

So what are the best New Year’s nail polish trends?

The art of simple drawing

Although crystal nails, beads and pearls are amazing and adorable on our nails, it is not a simple look of nails, and 3D manicure is hard to remove.

Chic Press-Ons

In 2021, try to replace the thicker acrylic for a more natural-looking artificial nails. Not only do these nails give you a professional look in about two minutes, but they will also lengthen your fingers naturally.

Nails are different from others

Choosing only two or three nails with different colors and patterns than the rest of the nails will be the updated ombre 2021 trend after the fully graded ombre on all nails in 2020. Feel free to do your best and try creative designs on any fingers of your choice, or you can go to the minimum During choosing a different degree of manicure.

Short, square nails

Of course, the shape of your nails is very personal, and most people feel very particular about how long or short their nails are. However, there has been a noticeable trend towards casket-shaped nails last year or coffin, a shape that fades with time. Instead, we will likely see fewer tall shapes in 2021 and a natural tendency towards shorter square patterns.

Velvet nails

We’ll still see somewhat metallic nails, but there’s a new method called “velvet nails”, and it’s amazing. I think we’ll see that a lot in the new year. There are a few different methods you can try to get this look at home. Some nail artists use flocking powder – a powder that you dip your nails into to create a metallic velvety effect, while others use magnetic nail polishers also known as “cat’s eye”.

“Abu al-Nahas Triangle” … a ship cemetery in the Red Sea to rival the Bermuda Triangle

You might think that when we talk about ship graves, we will necessarily deal with the stories that lived through the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean, or that we will show the aspects of that life that thousands of camels live under the ships of the Aral Sea, or that we will discuss the conditions in the largest ship dismantling docks in Karachi, Pakistan. Or, in the Indian Alang, or even in Bangladeshi Chittagong, in the Egyptian seas they do not sing us about these names, even if they are unknown to most Egyptians.

At a distance of approximately 35 km, specifically to the west of Shadwan Island, facing the city of Hurghada, the Abu al-Nahas reef area is located, it looks triangular in shape like the Bermuda Triangle, a quiet area without deadly watery blood, except that it is characterized by deadly coral reefs, which often represented A deadly danger, arms of reefs that cannot be seen with the naked eye, even though they are found in the corridors of the ships themselves.

To this day, researchers have not been able to count the number of ships, although some assert that their number reaches seven huge ships, respectively, the “SS Carnatic”, which sank in 1896, and the “Kimon M”, which sank in 1978, The ship “Olden”, which sank in 1987, the ship “Chryscula K”, sank in 1981, the ship “Giannis D”, and sank in 1983, and that region has attracted diving and exploration enthusiasts around the world for a century.

The Sha`ab Abu Al-Nahhas area, and despite the presence of more than twenty sites for sunken and wrecked ships, it is the only area that contains the wreckage of 5 giant ships, some of which are located at a depth of more than 30 meters, owned by the Maritime Ports Authority, and the Ministry of Environment seeks to preserve the debris in that Location, as their presence at the bottom helps relieve pressure on the coral reef’s natural environment.

“The region feels for the ships.” With this phrase, divers and fishermen describe that area, even they assert that the sense of it that accompanies the ships sticks to its name, so it was known as “Abu Nahhas,” but some assert that its name was acquired from the sinking of one of the ships loaded with copper, As usual, each ship sunk in “Abu Nahas” has a story, a story, a country of origin and a cargo that differs from the other, although all of them share the cause of the sinking, which is “Abu Nahas”.

The British “Carnatic” ship is the oldest among the ships sunk in “Abu Nahas”. In 1896, during its last voyage to India, it collided with coral reefs that line the corridors. Although the ship was seriously injured, its captain refused the passengers to land on Shadwan Island in The beginning, but with the arrival of the water to the ship’s boilers, at a time when the water pumps were lost, he was finally forced to give up his stubbornness, and ordered them to disembark, after 31 passengers lost his life, including 5 passengers and 26 crew members.

The ship was loaded with gold, copper, wine and cotton, and the Bedouins, the indigenous people of the region, were able to salvage the cargo in the weeks following its sinking, so they were able to recover £ 40,000 worth of goods, and divers usually prefer to head to the wreck site, to enjoy seeing it full of coral Delicates, glass fish, crocodile fish, and lionfish.

Near it we can see the wreck of the Greek “Chrysolak”, a merchant ship that was carrying a cargo of tiles and stones, when it collided with the Abu Nahas people in 1978, which led to its sinking, and it is currently moored over the coral reefs, surrounded by many colorful fish. Some divers claim that it attracts ornamental fish, and on December 12 of the same year, the German ship “Kimon M” collided with those reefs and sank as well. It is one of the most beautiful sunken ships, and you can dive next to it, even if your diving skills are modest, because its roof is located on Depth of 6 meters above sea level, and its bottom at a depth of 32 meters.

Not six years have passed since the “Kimon M” sank, until the Greek cargo ship “Chrysula K” fell into the trap of Abu Nahas herbs, and sank on August 31, 1981. Two days after sailing, the ship’s captain lost control of it, and died on its last voyage to Jeddah She lay safely on the sea floor, keeping the boxes of goods she had carried until now, containing ceramic tiles.

Two years later, the “Abu Nahas” reefs caught the “Giannis D” ship, a cargo ship belonging to a Japanese company, built in 1969, and Greece bought it two years before its sinking. In April 1983 it began its last voyage from Croatia, to head to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia shipped a shipment of wood, and on its way it was passing through a narrow shipping lane, and as soon as it entered the open waters, the captain handed the rudder to one of his officers, and it seemed that the ship drifted from him to the west from its specified course, and rushed very quickly, causing it to sink, and on January 31, 1987 The German ship “Olden” sank in the same area.

Truly, to see the murdered in the arms of the killer for a unique experience, and not surpassed by the excitement, which you can see with your eyes in the depths of “Abu Nahas”, where shipwrecks surrounded by arms of the bright coral reefs.volume_upcontent_copysharestar_border

Saudi player Farah Jafri “F-16” talks about her football experience

The young Saudi woman, Farah Jafri, revealed her experience playing football, and how her passion for the first game in the world led her to play matches after joining the “Jeddah Eagles” women’s team as a midfield player.

In her interview with Al Arabiya Net, Captain Farah, or the F-16 as it is called, talked about her football experience and her first official tournament, saying: “My practice of football since my childhood, and my watching many matches, stimulated my passion towards playing football. And developing my skills, and going through more experiences in this field, and I really achieved that by joining the Jeddah Eagles team, with which I got second place in my first official tournament with him. “

Farah explained that her talent did not stop at the borders of the home yard, and her last era of playing football was not childhood matches with her relatives and cousins, or watching local and international championships with her father on television, as her passion for football led her to something greater than that by playing for a team. Jeddah Eagles “For women as a midfielder, she holds the number 16 in the team, which ranked second in the Women’s Football Championship in Saudi Arabia.

Farah explained that her talent did not stop at the borders of the home yard, and her last era of playing football was not childhood matches with her relatives and cousins, or watching local and international championships with her father on television, as her passion for football led her to something greater than that by playing for a team. Jeddah Eagles “For women as a midfielder, she holds the number 16 in the team, which ranked second in the Women’s Football Championship in Saudi Arabia.

Regarding her being the top scorer in the tournament, she explained: “Thanks to God, I was able to win the top scorer award in the Women’s Football League in its first edition 2020, and I consider this achievement a great step for me, and I aspire to achieve more achievements, and one day I will be perfect. Saudi Arabia women’s national team.

Farah concluded by stressing that “this experience has proven that we have talented girls in various fields of sport, whether in football or other sports, and that all girls should continue to pursue their dreams and realize them with determination and will.

The role of technology in human life post-“Covid 19”

Over the past 100 years, humanity has witnessed the spread of several epidemics at the global level, such as SARS, Ebola and Spanish flu, and therefore Covid-19 is not the first pandemic the world has witnessed. However, the fundamental difference now, is the way to confront this epidemic compared to previous years, as we today rely on technology that makes things less complicated in this regard. The past few months have witnessed a digital transformation to varying degrees across all aspects of human interaction – from healthcare, to access to basic goods and services, to the continuity of our business and our social life.

The vital sectors in the MENA region are witnessing a radical technological transformation, as we are witnessing a widespread demand by hospitals and clinics to efficiently adopt digital technologies, in order to limit the spread of the virus, in addition to enabling remote learning and work processes. The various economic sectors, government agencies and specialized references contribute to driving the digital transformation currently taking place in the region.

The existing conditions are considered appropriate for companies to reassess their strategies for the near future, and it is expected that companies that adopt technology and tend to adopt digitization in their future plans are in a better position than traditional competitors, thus enabling them to seize the opportunity and lead the sector in which they operate optimally.

The pandemic has given impetus to many technological innovation initiatives, particularly in healthcare, starting with test kits and contact tracing. Technology is now enabling people to better understand the risks in their immediate surroundings and respond to the existing reality, by following social distancing policies and adopting other preventive measures accordingly. Successful examples include the Emirati Al-Husn app, which detects if an individual is in close proximity to someone who has been in contact with a person infected with COVID-19. The chatbot service, called the “virtual doctor,” poses vital questions that help it infer whether a person is at risk of contracting the Covid virus. With life gradually returning to normal, travel is one of the activities people most look forward to – and destinations, accommodations and restaurants are starting to prepare for their return after this crisis has passed. Hotels tend to adopt digitalization almost entirely through reservation and registration processes without the need to go through the front desk, allowing guests to avoid human contact as much as possible.

The best photos of 2020, two penguins hugging each other in a remarkable way.

A photo of two penguins that appear to console each other in Australia was featured in Oceanographic magazine’s oceanographic photography awards competition.

The photo was taken by German photographer Tobias Baumgaitner in Melbourne, and it shows two penguins, “ widow and widower, ” in which they appear to console each other over what happened to them.

The German photographer learned that the two penguins had recently lost their two partners, and they appeared in the picture that he took, each embracing the other with his shoulder cushioning, looking at the sky.

The German photographer won the magazine’s “Community Choice” award.

“A volunteer called me and told me that the white penguin was an old female who had lost her partner, and the same looks like the case for the younger male penguin on the left,” wrote Baumgaitner on Instagram.

“Since then they have met regularly, exchanging sympathy and then standing for hours watching the twinkling lights of the neighboring city,” he added.

The photographer said that he spent three nights in the settlement of penguins before he was able to take this photo. He concluded his speech: “But luck helped me in one of the beautiful moments.” It is worth noting that photographer Tobias Baumgaitner posted the photos on Instagram in April 2020.

The Late Brake Show and experiencing the New 2021 Fiat 500

Source: The Late Brake Show

this article is shared with you from the The Late Brake Show.

In this The Late Brake Show Jonny gets a detailed first drive review of the new 2021 Fiat 500e EV.

This completely new version of the retro-styled icon that was reborn in 2007 (the original ‘bambino’ 500 launched 50 years earlier in 1957) is only going to be sold as an electric car, but the existing piston cars will continue to be sold. Thanks for stopping by The Late Brake Show… Why is Jonny dressed like a try-hard hipster Peaky Blinder? Because the international launch in Italy was cancelled, and instead the logical (to Jonny) fallback was to drive around what was the ‘Italian Quarter’ of Birmingham city.

Birmingham being the home of the Peaky Blinder gangs (and hit TV series), where Thomas Shelby’s Italian gang rivals were the Changretta family.

There is still a lot of Italian families in Birmingham, but we couldn’t talk to those, or find any ice cream cafes open. Who needs Turin, hey? The Cinqecento’s styling is more frowny than the smily happy 2007 car, and made back in Turin, Italy as opposed to Poland. The new car is unmistakeably a 500, but 61mm longer, 56mm wider, a 22mm longer wheelbase and – a first for the 500 – 17″ alloy wheels. More room inside? So they say.

No Fiat badges on the front – just the art deco ‘500’ type face. Who are the new 500e’s electric rivals? The 160-mile 36.8kWh Seat Mii (the VW e-Up! and Skoda Citigo-IV seem to not be on sale any longer), the 145 mile 32.6kWh Mini-e and the 137 mile 35.5kWh Honda-e. Seat is the cheapest, while The only EV Fiat 500 prior to this was sold from 2013 in a few American states (like California and Oregon) and had an 83kw motor with 87-ish mile range.

They were also as orange as Mr Trump nee POTUS. The 2021 500e features two battery sizes: the 23.7kWh CITY or the 42kWh LONG range, which can cover 115 miles (185km) and 199 miles (320km) respectively. Prices start from £19,995 (including the UK government £3k grant) and top out around £27,000 for a high spec convertible.

All 500e models feature a watercooled FWD motor, an 11kW onboard charger and Fiat’s battery partner is Samsung for the lithium-ion cells. The Long Range cars have 87kw / 220nm / 117hp while the CITY cars make do with a 70kw motor. CHARGE TIMES: City spec – 2hr 30 on 11kw charger, 30 mins DC rapid (80%) Long Range – 4hr 15 on 11kw charger, 35 mins DC rapid (80%) Besides the funky, predominantly familiar exterior, the interior features optional colour coded dash, steering wheel and also Seaqual seats, made from 20% recycled polyester yarns and sea-caught plastic refuse. 4 trim levels are available: ACTION: Entry level, 15″ wheels, 50kw DC charging, 70kw motor PASSION: Apple Carplay/Android Auto, 85kw DC, 42kWh batt and 87kWh motor ICON: 16″ wheels, premium seats, 10.25″ nav screen, rain sensors La Prima: LED headlights, 17″ wheels, Pano roof, 360 parking sensors, ACC, rear speakers, rear camera, auto dip lights, blind spot warning, wireless phone charging All 500e Fiats come with a 3 year warranty and 8-year battery warranty.

Damac chairman pins hopes on Expo Dubai as developer posts $253m losses

The chairman of Dubai-based Damac Properties said on Thursday he is pinning hopes on next year’s Expo event to reinvigorate the real estate market after his company posted losses of AED931 million for the first nine months of 2020.

This compared to a net profit of AED133 million for the same period last year. The developer said total revenue rose to AED3.7 billion vs AED2.8 billion in the first nine months of last year while booked sales for the period stood at AED1.6 billion, down on the AED2.4 billion posted for the similar period last year.

Total assets stood at AED21.8 billion compared to AED23.8 billion as of the end of 2019.

The company said the global outbreak of Covid-19 and subsequent lockdowns and travel restrictions adversely impacted performance and profitability.

Profit continues to be adversely impacted due to provisions created in light of prevalent market conditions, it added.

Hussain Sajwani (pictured), chairman of Damac Properties, said: “We continue to endure the effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic, which negatively impacted the real estate industry. With social distancing becoming the norm, travel restrictions and a major dip in tourism, the market has been significantly impacted.

“Covid-19 has upset the balance sheets for many companies, which industry leaders have been very vocal and transparent about and while many analysts are forecasting a U-shaped recovery, we believe it may be some time before we see an upward recovery.”

He added: “Damac’s strong balance sheet has allowed it to absorb much of the market shock and we are optimistic that Dubai Expo next year will reap positive rewards for the real estate industry as sales and transactions will increase, offsetting the dip in the market due to Covid-19.

“In the meantime, we are persevering and recording important progress as we focus on deliveries and continue construction projects. Through hard work and a forward-thinking management team, we are continuously striving to operate more efficiently, by cutting our receivables, optimising operational costs and focusing on cash collections.”

Damac said it delivered 1,870 in first nine months of the year in Akoya and Business Bay developments.

Mohamed Salah: The Egyptian player finds himself at the center of the debate over the Christmas tree once again

Almost a day has passed since the Egyptian football star Mohamed Salah shared his followers on the communication sites, pictures of him in front of the Christmas tree, but the debate about it is still going on.

The international player appeared with his young family, which hovered around the Christmas tree surrounded by a group of gifts. The picture garnered more than 2 million likes and more than 80,000 comments.

Although this is not the first time that Salah has published his family’s picture in front of the Christmas tree, Arab comments on the photos did not differ from the previous year. Their debate was dominated by controversial rhetoric.

Some of the tweeters described the player’s behavior as provocative and rogue, and some of them re-posted the picture on his page and considered it a positive gesture that supports the values of tolerance and integration.

The first team of commentators expressed “shock and disappointment, at seeing their favorite player and his family participate in non-Muslim holidays.”

Even the tweeters bemoaned what they considered “a change in the character of the player”, which was linked in the imagination of some of them to a specific image and specifications.

Many praised Salah for his “modesty, his shyness, and for his wife’s commitment to the hijab.” These are qualities that some see as necessary to confirm Salah’s adherence to his religion, customs and traditions.

Therefore, they do not accept any behavior or behavior that contradicts the image that they have painted in their minds of it.

Another group of singers reached a comparison between Salah and other players, such as the Senegalese player (Sadio Mane), or the Algerian (Riad Mahrez).

They removed Salah from the title of pride of the Arabs, and started looking for another player, hoping that they would find something similar to them, or something that corresponds to the typical image they imagine of a Muslim player abroad.

On the other hand, another team of commentators defended Salah and denounced his criticism.

Tweeters fear that these comments will form a negative idea about Islam among Salah’s foreign followers.

Tweeters also accused what they described as guardians of morals of “practicing intellectual terror on the player,” and called for stopping prejudice against others.

In the context, one of them commented: “Why all this bullying and attacking the player, and accusing him of renouncing his religion! Salah presented a wonderful picture of brotherhood, as the Islamic religion recommended to us. Let him live his life free from fanaticism, what he did is very natural, in a country that respects the beliefs of the other.” .

While another wrote: “The tree is beautiful, but we should not be dragged behind these customs, because they do not belong to Muslims. We must protect our children, and inculcate in them our customs and traditions.”

On the other hand, a team of three tweeters sees the conversation about Salah and the Christmas tree as an empty debate, which reflects the state of individuals in societies that are always looking for symbols and role models, without seeking to free themselves from the collective view of things.

The Egyptian actress, Yousra, is infected with the Corona virus

The Egyptian actress, Yousra, was infected with the new Corona virus, as the tests were positive for more than a day, and she is currently subject to home isolation under the supervision of doctors, according to Egyptian media.

Among the last works in which Yusra participated was the series “Betrayal of Ahed” directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz, in which Hala Shiha, Abeer Sabri and Bayoumi Fouad participate, and its events revolve around a woman who owns a clothing factory and cares about her work and her family, despite the family’s exploitation of her.

Where she is exposed to a crisis after discovering her son’s addiction, “Hisham”, to drugs, and she tends to fix things while she finds it difficult with what she discovers from shocking surprises, to enter into many conflicts.

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